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Potty Train in a Weekend Potty training can be hard. Trust me, I know... we've done it four times with our kids and helped countless families to potty train their children. It doesn't have to be hard or frustrating! You can potty train your child THIS weekend!



You can be a stay at home mom It is the hope of many parents to stay home with their children or simply to have more money to spend on your family and to live financially stress-free, working or not.



FREED FROM CLUTTER - BECKY MANSFIELD In a nutshell, this book is your ticket to freedom from clutter. I have filled this book with everything that you need to declutter and organize your home in 30 days (with a printable cleaning list to continue to keep it clean).



freed from clutter challenge Join me in a 7 day declutter course.
1- You will get my FREED from clutter book.
2- You will have access to my private group, where we will talk, share before & after images and encourage each other.
3- Encouraging & detailed videos
4- Decluttering Worksheets
5- A clean, organized, fresh home in seven days




Catch All Cover In this planner, I have over 35 printables for you (menu calendars, cleaning schedules, school schedules, chore lists, budget printables, finance sheets & so much more). It is everything that you need to keep your family & home organized.



start a successful blog We saw other people making money blogging and decided to give it a try – that is how Work From Home Blogging was created. We had such huge success and we wanted others to be able to do the same.



Blogging-on-the-Side-Passion-Profit.png In this book, we give you practical advice to take your blog to the next level, meeting your blogging goals–whatever they may be.



What-Your-Child-Really-Needs-to-Know-Before-Kindergarten-450x763 Kindergarten is a wonderful place and I want to talk about what your child needs to know before kindergarten!




blessings 3d I joined forces with Kristi Dalnoky from Klover House and Betsy Moore from BMooreHealthy to create a resource for moms who have experienced loss through miscarriage. When we initially went through our miscarriages, we had a really hard time finding resources that were helpful for us.



A simple Christmas - get back to Do you remember the old-fashioned Christmases? The ones where we just ENJOYED our days leading up to Christmas and just spent time with our family, enjoying that day? Those are the kind of Christmas memories that I want our children to have.



CAR BUYING 101 My Dad is what I would consider a "car guy". He literally knows just about everything there is to know about cars. Have you seen Forest Gump?  Do you know the part where he says "I know everything there is to know about shrimp."  well...  this is my Dad... "I know everything there is to know about cars."



7 days of simple hacks I am giving away a copy of my book 7 Days of Simple Hacks. This book is filled with a week’s worth of ideas & hacks to simplify your life… so you can spend time with the ones that you love. Simply sign up here and I will send you the free book, along with a few e-mails with tips.